11th Annual Women & Identity Festival Gala Night

‎Ellie Markovitch and Rose Mitchell are designing the reception and a performance for the

11th Annual Women & Identity Festival Gala Night

Saturday, April 2, 5-9 pm

The performances can be viewed here:


http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13732421/highlight/162645 My performance about 30:02

11th annual Women & Identity Festival throughout the months of April and May is dedicated to the concept of women artists creating a vibrant and supportive community with each other.

5-7 pm – Reception of Art on the Wall Virtual Gallery featuring Suiren’s Flights.
Food art and performance by Ellie Markovitch.
Gallery on view throughout the month at http://www.deeplistening.org.

7-9 pm – An evening of readings and performances.
Featuring author Ione reading from Nile Night; Remembered Texts from the Deep and author Rachel Koenig reading from her forthcoming The Ravens’ Bridge.  Performances by sound artist Jaclyn Heyen and vocalist Lisa Barnard Kelley.

LOCATION:  Deep Listening Space, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303, Kingston NY.
Streaming live broadcast at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/women-and-identity


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