DIY SnackShop

Thank you Yaminay Nasir Chaudhri and Brian Jones for this great video!

My sincere thanks to everyone who made DIY SnackShop possible.

DIY SnackShop cookbook

DIY SnackShop/ Uptown Summer/The Sanctuary for Independent Media
June 27 – August 12, 2011
Troy, NY
Led by Ellie Markovitch and Amy Halloran from

Welcome to “DIY SnackShops” a hands-on experience cooking at the Missing Link Ministry
kitchen and Collar City Growers Lot. The classes are part of  “Uptown Summer,” a six week
program for young people in the North Central neighborhood of Troy, NY.
During “DIY SnackShops” we look forward to cooking healthy snacks from scratch,
mastering age appropriate tasks, building community, learning to use cameras to document
experiences, and having fun.
We use recipes as starting point to talk about nutrition and eating healthy while using
Among our goals are to promote healthy foods; promote the enjoyment of nutrition; participate
in group activities; builds confidence and early skills of independence and the art of
The kids at the Uptown Summer are varied in age so we explore various tasks.  Each week
we work on making snacks that use fresh vegetables and fruits as well as using simple
appliances. We use the recipes to guide and set new tasks along with trying to introduce new
ingredients to awake the taste buds and imagination in the kitchen. We introduce basic video and photography techniques.

You can read about our cooking adventures at the Media Sanctuary Blog


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