Zhora Armenian Coffee

Zhora’s Armenian Coffee
“I was born in Moscow, but I learned to make coffee from my relatives from Armenian that came over to visit on the summer time.”

Artist and friend Zhora (www.girairpoladian.com) shares his recipe for the best coffee–he adds incredible hospitality, poetry, and love!

You’ll need an Armenian coffee pot (available in Middle Eastern stores)
3 heaping tsp of super fine ground coffee in the coffee pot
2 tsp of sugar or to taste

Pour one cup of cold water in the pot
Stir 11 times.
Turn small on small fire. When coffee start to rise to the top of the pot, take off the heat and stir 11 times.
Place pot back on low fire. When it rises to the top again, it is ready.


2 thoughts on “Zhora Armenian Coffee

  1. littlesigh says:

    Yep… pretty much how I do it and how I was taught by my Armenian friends. I also have a quick way with the microwave when no stove present. I add choco syrup and watch it boil up then repeat… not as soothing as cooking over the stove with friends but it does the trick!

  2. littlesigh says:

    Yum! I make it this way and also have a microwave style…using choc syrup..watching it boil up then stop and repeat. I know it is not traditional but sometimes I need a fix at work!

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