We are so honored to be feature on chicago4community, a new online magazine founded by super talented multimedia artist Clara Tomaz.

Chigago4community is committed to featuring local nonprofits and promoting a link between service and need. Please contact them if you or someone you know are engaged in “creative and constructive solutions involving disabilities and integration, homelessness and housing, poverty and hunger, abuse and discrimination, isolation coming from life-threatening diseases…”


Do you think it is possible to make real art with food? Ellie Markovitch is a fabulous Brazilian lady to meet in person; she is also a NY-based multimedia artist able to create masterpieces with her all-Latin obsession with food, recipes, cooking, gardens and community. She seems to work in two separate dimensions – one connected with earth, fresh produce, people’s recipes; the other with electronic media such as video, digital photography, installation – but then she brings them together in very unique creations like STORY COOKING, STORY HARVEST, and YUMMY SUNDAYS.

While STORY COOKING is a blog project (www.storycooking.com) collecting family memories and recipes to be shared in the form of virtual time capsules, STORY HARVEST is a participatory work where Ellie Markovitch plans a sophisticated and creative food event whose final result very much depends on the participation and creativity of the community. With the support…

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