SNAP Challenge Day 3

Day 3

Throughout the day I thought a lot about how can we get clean food we can afford? We can grown at least some of it! I am sprouting lentils in a jar for this challenge. It was a simple action I learned in a visit to Soul Fire Farm. I wanted to remind myself how powerful “growing food” is. One cup of lentils will make 6 cups of food!  I also had nice conversations while eating my leftover brown rice and lentils at the Sanctuary for Independent Media.  Someone at the table brought up the point that people can use their SNAP benefits to buy seeds to grow food. This challenge makes me consider even more the role of food and media literacy. We are bombarded with advertisements with the newest and greatest foods that saves us time or stay “fresh” longer, but it is in taking time to grow, cook, and share the knowledge that we can change our lives and our health.

Wednesdays are very busy days for our family.  We usually eat pasta or grains. I was at work most of the day and came home after 6:30 with hungry kids. We love eggs. We really love good eggs and I felt so blessed tonight that we can spend the extra money to get them. Tonight I made “Ovos no Purgatório” or eggs in purgatory and the family was fed and happy with a quick dinner, but I can taste the difference on the eggs I am using for myself to make the same dish for the challenge.

Breakfast was also yummy and on the go. What can I say? Bananas and oats are pretty amazing foods. I am not feeling hungry and I think it is because the whole grains are giving me the energy I need, but I still feel very tired around 4pm. so I ate some leftover pancakes — they sure held me until dinner.

Breakfast: Frozen Banana-Oat Smoothie »12 ounces


Blend: 1 ripe frozen banana
1/2 cup milk and few cubes of ice
1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
cinnamon to taste

Lunch: Leftovers Brown Rice and Lentils


Dinner: “Ovos no Purgatório” or Eggs in Purgatory


For the eggs, heat up some oil, onions and garlic. Add tomato sauce to the pan. Next lower the eggs in enough sauce to leave the egg yolks uncovered. Cook covered for 3 minutes.


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