“Instant” Noodle Soup Jars

“Instant” Noodle Soup Jars

noodle soup jar5

On my quest to have some handy and portable snacks for the kids, I wanted to do a remake of “ramen noodle bowls” (minus the plastic, chemicals, and expenses (there are some all natural and organic bowls available in the market)

noodle soup jar4
I adapted our recipe from Super Healthy Kids  and some tips from my friend Kian who suggested I added seaweed and berries, which I was not sure the kids would go for, but they did! My kids love noodles and broth. Maybe they like their special bowls and chopsticks, but I just eat from the jar. I have also tried bean thread noodles and Chinese rice noodles. If you are given them as gifts and sharing with friends, I think it is pretty safe to say shelf life of about a month if you store your jars in your pantry since all ingredients are dried.
noodle soup jar1
So here what goes into each jar:
1 ounce of noodles (your choice — we love soba (buckwheat). We also like rice vermicelli and bean thread noodles
1/2 cube of vegetable bouillon (organic without hydrogenated oils, msg, or coloring, etc) Check expiration date.
1/2 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
1 tsp dried seaweed (cut small)
1/8 teaspoon spice combos your family may like to try
2 tablespoons of dried vegetables and fruits ( in a bowl to make it easy to scoop out into the jars)

noodle soup jar3
When ready for soup, add 1 1/2 cups of boiling water, stir well, cover and wait 5-7 minutes, which works well with thin soba noodles.
It is recommended to rinse soba noodles in cold water. You can do this extra step if you are home, but I just add hot water and really enjoyed the flavors.

noodle soup jar6


6 thoughts on ““Instant” Noodle Soup Jars

  1. Julie @ WolfItDown says:

    This is such a clever way of making your own instant noodles for work! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 We have that kind of “kettle tap” at work that has hot water, I imagine that’d work a treat for this, no microwaving necessary, which is a plus 🙂 I hope you have a great day ^ ^

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