Farms Food and Photography at Cannon Cattle Ranch


What I love about teaching photography is taking the time with each student to answer their questions and watch them conquer steps towards using photography as their art and voice.


This Saturday, we did just that during Farms, Food and Photography class at Cannon Cattle Ranch farm. We had wonderful hosts, Matt and Peggy Cannon. Matt took us on a maple tour and Peggy shared her beautiful kitchen with us where we cooked delicious food using their maple syrup and other local produce.

These wonderful classes are possible with The Arts Center of the Capital Region teaming up with the Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) for this unique from farm to table program. In addition, I am very thankful Honest Weight Food Co-op sponsored 3 scholarships for the series.

The next class is April 5th at Longlesson Farm. These are participatory classes. We photograph and cook together.  Here a shot from the early hours being welcomed by white geese

1922426_10152258289966358_1427545015_nPhotos by Ellie Markovitch

We took our time enjoying the views and exploring the farm



We cooked a meal from farm to table.


Lentil soup:
French green lentils, sun dried tomatoes, onions, 3 cups water for each cup of dried lentils in crockpot for 3 hours on high. Before serving add garlic, fresh chopped turmeric, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and juice and zest of one lemon.


Salad with maple vinaigrette:
Slack Hollow Farm spinach, beets from Honest Weight Food Co-op, raw apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, salt, pepper, R&G goat cheese


Fruit Flambé with Whipped Greek Yogurt
(banana foster)

1 tbsp butter
1 banana
2 Tbsp Cannon Cattle Ranch maple syrup
1 TBSP rum
Argyle whole milk Greek Yogurt
more maple syrup

Melt butter in a skillet. Sauté bananas over low/medium heat, 1 minute on each site. Add maple syrup, vanilla and cook to caramelized for about 1 minute. Add rum wait a few seconds, then tilt the edge of the pan towards the flame and it will ignite.
Whip the yogurt, maple syrup with an electric mixer for about 2 minutes. Top the fruit flambé.

One more — class picture!




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