Farms, Food and Photography at Lewis Waite


October 19 we had an incredible Agricultural Stewardship Association and Arts Center of the Capital Region Farms, Food and Photography class at Lewis Waite Farm. The views at Alan and Nancy Brown’s farm were breathtaking and their hospitality very warm. The photography lesson was on capturing the golden hour, using our long lenses.


After a spectacular fall afternoon walk. It got really cold as we went up the hills to capture the views. On our way back they offered us refuge in their home. We set around their dinning table sampling their smoked beef kielbasa made from their grass-fed beef. We also tasted several local products.



We were all excited to try their meat and the cheese, bread, preserve while enjoying stories and the company. I must also mentioned that Alan had the fire place on at the house where the walls were covered with local bird feathers collected by Nancy and family art. We ate lots of garlic the whole evening. We grow garlic and I feel like we eat a good amount per week, but slices of garlic on bread was just the introduction. We just kept following Alan and Nancy. There were this “garlic shots,” as we decided to call them. A slice of radish, topped with pesto and a slice of raw garlic. Set my month on fire and pleasure all at once. We could not stop eating them. But we were not done, Alan brings a ceramic jar with this golden garlic preserved in honey. The Browns explained that you just pour the honey an the garlic and let it sit out and eat it! It has taken me some time, reading about as I am trying to understand the recipe, why it is probably OK that the garlic sits out in the counter and there is no risk of botulism. So here the recipe I decided to follow:

Yes, just garlic and honey. I am using Unfiltered Buckwheat honey and the garlic we grew.

IMG_1972garlic honey

honey garlic

Update: Keep jars closed and 2x a day “burp” the jars. it is starting to look bubbly in there:

garlic honey2





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