Bacteria Love

I want to have the curiosity, sweetness, and openness of kindergartens forever! I also want to commend teachers who foster learning through experiences in their classrooms. I work with groups of all ages and each age they have their own ways of experiencing food and art. This group helps me renew my excitement for foods transformed by time with the help of bacteria. And how tasty they can be! Today we made yogurt as a way to discuss good and bad bacteria, specially in the winter time, when so many families are told by their doctors: “eat yogurt because you are taking antibiotics.”

Today we worked on making that connection. We hugged warm jars of milk, sang while stirring live cultures, drew pictures of good and bacteria and discussed how our lives can’t happen without them.

drawing of the kids made while we talked about virus, germs and some good bacterias


IMG_4540e IMG_4542e

Here the link to the recipe we used.



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