Local Sourdough Pizza

I have been reading blogs and books, teaching myself how to make whole grain sourdough bread and pancakes. Recently, I started playing with whole grain sourdough pizza and e-mailed Daniel Berman for advice where I could get some local inspiration.

Daniel Berman wrote about our recent visit to 9 Miles East Farm but I wanted to show in pictures and video some tips I found helpful in my pizza making. Thank you Gordon Sacks and Matt for taking the time to show us your process.


1) Before going to bed, make a pre-ferment (starter + spelt flour + water to make a paste with the consistency of peanut butter).  I also mix the flours for next day, set aside, since I have my scale out)

2) In the morning, or 12 hours later, mix dough using the pre-ferment that is nice and bubbly and the flours to it. Mix for 4 minutes, I will use my stand mixer.

ellie's ferment

9 Miles East use an Italian fork mixer, which slowly aerates the dough without heating it up:

3) Let the dough autolyze, sit in the dark for 20 minutes.

4) Add oil, honey, salt and mix again


5) Take dough out and bucket turn 3 times (every 20 minutes)

Gordon shows how to stretch and fold before refrigeration:

6) Shape and refrigerate overnight (or up to 48 hours)

7) Next morning, open dough, add oil, sauce and cheese and bake. At home, I use a pre-heated pizza stone and bake on a 500F oven, the hottest my oven will go, for about 10 minutes


Really delicious pizza by 9 Miles East farm:


And I was watching closely how Daniel was going about tasting and judging the pizza, starting with the crust!


Now here the pizza I made yesterday, using this process. I baked it at Soul Fire Farm wood oven.







2 thoughts on “Local Sourdough Pizza

  1. Jon in Albany says:

    Great write up of the process. I follow (read more than I participate) in a pizza forum you might enjoy poking around. It’s pizzamaking.com. Lots of friendly people discussing everything pizza.

    I have yet to work with a starter but it is on my to-do list. On the forum, there are some beautiful Neopolitan pizzas with starters. Seems like the preferred method for those doughs is 24 hour bulk ferment, ball, then another 24 hour ferment all at temperatures in the 60s. They advice is to keep the starter out of the fridge. But, they are different style pizzas and cooked at much higher temperatures.

    Making pizza is just too much fun.

    • recipestories says:

      Hi Jon, thank you for stopping by. I will check the forum you mentioned. I am playing with whole grain pizzas for flavor and nutrition so there is so much to learn but as you said, so much fun.

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