Empanada Thursday

Thank you Edible Capital District for featuring my recipes for roasted vegetable empanadas, pumpkin compote and curried butternut squash lentil soup. I am honored. Beautiful magazine and gorgeous photos by Brent Harrewyn.


I come from a place known for it’s “ Empadão de Goiás ” A pie filled with meats, olives, boiled eggs, and more.

I love making pastry or pastel. It is a tradition in our home making them with our children. As the Media Chef at Dali Mamma,  I get to make them at work too. Every Thursday.


Above, black bean mole empanadas at Dali Mamma in Albany, NY.

I have being making empanadas since we opened in September.  Rachel Reed and I have a lot of fun using seasonal ingredients, Farmer Ground Farm flour, and making Glutten Free and vegetarian versions. Stop by to try these delicious savory and sometimes sweet hand pies. #‎empanadathursday






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