When life gives us papayas that are perfectly ripe and full of flavor,
we make time to savor them.


Savor | Definition of Savor by Merriam-Webster

transitive verb. 1 : to give flavor to : season.

2 a : to have experience of : taste

   b : to taste or smell with pleasure : relish

   c : to delight in : enjoy <savoring the moment>

“You only think of food?” said my mother this morning in a exclamatory question.

Savoring Food is a way I savor life. Another way is trough photography. It may look like a simple way. And it is. I am truly happy to dwell in my kitchen, with my camera. There I go to work. There I am myself and I have fun. There I am joined by friends and loved ones. Most of the time, my family is my only audience.

My friend Nancy Weber said joking: “you have one track mind!” when I asked about the edible flowers on her bouquet. And this week my friend Amy Haloran comment on one of my  street fruit tree photos: “You see food everywhere!”


One of the main reasons I savor is to share. I have had the privileged to witness, in my garden and in the city, the journey seeds take before it reaches my plate and I call it food or nourishment.  I also have witness food insecurity in several countries including the United States and Brazil. I believe all of us can be involved with food rescuing from our kitchens to our communities. Individually, collectively and creatively, we can do a lot to preserve food’s beauty and nutrition.

I have learned to appreciate many aspects of food preparation. When I worked with my friend katrin Haldeman at her cafe, she called it KitchenZen. I am always ready to celebrate a family recipe or excited for a new discovery in the kitchen because I relish! I savor!

Bellow a cart of papayas I rescued from my neighborhood grocery store and the recipes I made.


(photos of papayas rescued from a local grocery store).

Papaya Jam da Celeste
3 to 4 pounds of papaya, seeds and skin removed,
1 to 2 cups of sugar
6 clovers
Juice of 2 lemons

1) Blend papaya without adding water

2) Add papaya to a sauce pan with sugar and clovers and cook on low, stirring until it reduces. To check, hold spoon over the pot. When the jam forms a thick drop that does not run off (or candy thermometer 220°F) the jam is ready.
Turn off the stove and stir in juice of 2 lemons. Let the jam cool down completely.
If not canning, freeze or keep refrigerated
Bom Apetite!


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