More time or more starter?

More time, more water or more starter? I am finding the answer
in the words of Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson
“It is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis.”
This week I gave myself an assignment to play with the amount of starter to see how my sourdough bread would develop.
This exercise took me to my early days of photography class, practicing the “Exposure Triangle.” Understanding the relationship between
Aperture (measure of how open or closed the lens’ iris is)
Shutter speed (measure of how long it remains open) and
ISO (number indication of how sensitive a film or imaging sensor is to light)
This doesn’t only help me take a better photo, it helps me make a choice of how I want to tell a story. What part of the frame do I want to keep in focus? Do I want to show motion?


I am also seeking to learn relationships between ingredients and time to make different breads. Sometimes we want fast, sometimes we want flavor. Each loaf, like a photograph, tells a story that may express our skills, visions and emotions.
I am honored to teach  a photography class: Bread Photo Booth: How to Take the Food Pictures You Want and Tell a Story, Too.

This class will rethink perfection, and use personal aesthetics to consider how images can entice, intrigue and engage. We’ll explore how to tell a story in a sea of perfectly styled photos. Let’s keep the conversation going.

I practiced this little formula: starter, water or salt / flour x 100 = hydration



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