1/2 cup of sourdough

Day 5 out of 40

I got a couple of captured moments from friends today that brought me so much joy. Both shared their families.  

One had the sourdough babies in her new kitchen and I was there! Not in real time, but as a record of a playback. 

The  other was of a friend making varenyky with her son after yesterday’s workshop and I got to relive little hands helping to close dumplings. 

Do you know that feeling when we walk into our relatives’ houses and we see pictures of ourselves on their walls or fridges? Our stories living with their stories writing new stories.

Time is fluid.

Recipes are fluid.

When making a leaven, we can use different liquids, vegetables and fruits. I mixed the pre-ferment with milk today. Leaven can develop flavor and wait for us in the fridge until we are ready to bake, like in the buns in this post. The pre-ferment set in the fridge for a couple of days.

Our leaven can stiff and it holds longer the peak fermentation. Or it can be wet and give our dough more extensibility.
For today’s bake my leaven was stiff, and had good strength to rise the bread. I used Amy Halloran variation on Olia Hercules’ recipe for Sourdough Garlic Buns, Pampushky we made in class. The recipe is available through the fundraising we are doing this month #bakeforUkraine to support the work of World Central Kitchen

Photo by Katie Gourley
Photo by Diana Limbach Lempel


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