1/2 cup sourdough

Day 8 out of 40

Another day another dumpling. I wanted to revisit a recipe I made a few months back. I made a no-recipe recipe where I begin with sourdough starter, eggs and roasted winter squash I had at hand and I added whole wheat flour until I could make some lumps that resembled gnocchi.

This time the proportions were a bit different. I had more squash and less fermented flour or as people like to say, discard. Every time I am to type the word “discard” I think of all the delicious meals I am able to prepare in collaboration with my sourdough starter. I love having fermented flour in the fridge and it is not a discard for me. I see it as a lovely ingredient, full of flavor.

Sourdough Squash Gnocchi by Ellie Markovitch

Serves 4

1 cup of roasted butternut squash

1 egg

1/2 cup of sourdough starter, fed and bubbly or from the fridge

1 1/2 cups of flour I used sifted today

1/2 tsp salt

I mix all the ingredients well and let it rest 15-20 minutes. You could let it ferment on the counter or the fridge. Roll out into thin logs, cut small lumps. I roll each piece of dough against the edge of a basket to make designs. Or we can use a fork too. Cook the dumplings in salted water for 2-3 minutes or until they float in the pan. Stir so it will not stick to the pot. Transfer the gnocchi to desired sauce. Tonight I made a marinara sauce and served with lots of Parmesan.


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