1/2 cup of sourdough

Day 9 out of 40

Sourdough is a kind of time capsule for me. I am constantly trying to add little parts of my world, my kitchen and myself to it. That’s how I cook and bake. I hope I am storing to communicate with the future as we assemble our daily meals. 

I made time capsules for both of my kids when they were born. Their boxes are sealed and are kept in their closets.  I was not baking with sourdough then, but today I “attached” a jar with the pieces of our dehydrated starter “mother” that is so much part of our lives now. 

The starter I am saving for my kid was a gift from my friend Phyllis in 2013. This batch was dehydrated in April 2020 when we were all sent home and were told to quarantine because of COVID-19 pandemic.  I dried several batches and shared with friends and anyone who wanted to bake during the lockdown.

How to dry your sourdough starter for the future or to use as an ingredient if you have a lot of discard

Spread a thin layer of fed and bubbly starter onto a baking pan lined up with silicone baking mat or parchment  paper. Let it dry in a cool dry place uncovered. When it is completely dry,  break into pieces and store in a jar.


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