1/2 cup of sourdough

Day 38 out of 40

When I forgot to feed my starter last night, my friend and flour sister Amy Halloran is the proxy who makes sourdough bread for us. She is in New York and I am in Maine, but we keep the conversation going.

On a call this afternoon she told me she had mixed sourdough buns with beet water. My heart swells with gratitude. It is a joy to see how our exchanges become paths that become rhythms. We feed each other when we share our knowledge. 

People and time are ingredients, like flour and water, that keeps a culture nourished and thriving. This is how we feed a community and a community feeds us back.  

On the topic of baking liquids, in-lieu-of of water I often use eggs, milk, whey, vegetable juice, coffee, vegetable puree, cooked cereals, and cooking  water from vegetables and beans. Let your taste be your guide, and think of dough as being thirsty for the delicious leftovers from other cooking projects.


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