1/2 cup of sourdough

Day 46

Walking and standing

Afternoon walk, picking up some feelings as we go. 

We freeze frames of moments and hold them in the corner of our eyes as our bodies stretch and move forward.

The waters stand.

The trees stand.

The bushes and flowers stand.

But not just. They hold place and take a stance. It is enough. I am affirming or am I asking? 

Maybe it is a way that a standing world can grow and expand. Right there where it is.

Because it bears witness. 

When we walked today, we saw some “zemlyanika” or wild strawberries on the side of our walking path. D. told me the zemlyanika name in Russian ​roughly translates “close to the Earth” 

We name them so we will remember them. The mushrooms that grow by the birch, the berries that are blue… and they travel with us. 

I can’t stop thinking about being rooted. When we are young we want to break free.

My mom texted me about mothers wrestling, reckoning and reconciling with the fact that “her kids can find their own path.” She is writing in another language and I can’t find the exact word to match how she estimates this feeling of letting go.

Maybe she is saying I am, she was like a maple tree, watching her seeds. Some may grow next to her —to me—but some will fly away. But seeds are magical and we can’t see  all they will become, and trust that stories will survive without our tending.

The sourdough batter from the blender cup gets poured into the heated cast iron and into a circle. It knows how to expand. 

Thank you Amy Halloran for your encouragement and support in all things food and stories since the beginning for story cooking!

Sourdough Crepes

1 cup of flour (mix of wheat and rye) or all buckwheat

¼ tsp salt

¾ cup eggs (3 eggs)

1 cup liquid (milk or a mix of milk of milk and water for example)

½ cup of sourdough starter (for  GF version use Brown rice starter)

3 TBSP melted fat, like butter

Blend all  ingredients by hand or I like to use the blender for this job. Let it ferment on the  counter and/or in the fridge. Use 1-3 tbsp of water to thin if needed. Cook on a low heat cast iron skillet on both slides. It makes about 15 6.5 inch rounds and freezes very well. 

Enjoy with some summer fruit, favorite jam or savory filling.

Strawberries grown by my husband we got to taste this week.

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