Winter Ferments for Ukraine

A gathering to learn about winter fermentation & kindle hope for Ukraine as people face a harsh winter.

My photojournalist friend Kevin Wexler recently started posting poignant reminders in his IG Notes every day, that the Russia-Ukraine war is not over: “War day 309.” 

I am not forgetting. I repeat to myself. I do not want to forget the fact that wars around the world are devastating families, lives, cities, and culture. 

Daily life struggles compete with the complex hurts around us.  Wars that are far from us retreat from our attention  and leave us feeling paralyzed, feeling that there is not much we can do.

In my last blog post I wrote that, at some point, a culmination of actions can be felt or observed in the world around me and inside the world of me. I do not want to be numb and alone in these feelings. I do believe small daily actions make a difference in the lives of all involved in the process.

Would you join us in putting our feelings, thoughts, hands and money together towards warming people this winter? 

Ellie and Amy will host a class and get-together to make Winter Ferments. We will be making food, and kindling love. Bring a poem or short story to share. Ellie will read Clarice Lispector, Ukrainian-born Brazilian novelist and short story writer. Amy will read about breads made in times of war.

January 14 from 10-noon EST

This is a donate what you can class and donations will go to 

Register: Winter Ferments for Ukraine


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