Flying Feast

Flying Feast presented by Ellie Markovitch and Rose Mitchell—a multi-taste experience inspired by the avian world following Theory of Flight – A Fantasia of Avian Obsession by Anna Lindemann, composer, animator, writer. Special thank you to our helpers: Bonnie, Sena, Emma, Eric and Steve. FLAMINGO POOL SOUP Lemongrass, lime broth with shrimp and red chilis … Continue reading Flying Feast

Black and White Food Performance

STAR WOMEN by Shirley Parker-Benjamin at Deep Listening Institute Ellie designed a Black and White menu for artist Shirley Parker-Benjamin opening at Deep Listening Institute ( watch Ellie talking about it here). She used Shirley words “how materials interact and different textures interface” as an inspiration to prepare the refreshments. Black Olives Tapenade over Daikon … Continue reading Black and White Food Performance