{spring recipe} Beans, Beets & Sorrel Salad

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You know of my love for beans and beets. But I also love sorrel leaves — in Brazil we call them “azedinha”

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Editor’s Note: Ellie Markovitch of storycooking.com is back with another seasonal recipe, this time with sorrel. -Christina

bean beet and sorrel salad1photo by Ellie Markovitch
The weather here is still fighting between late winter and springtime, but last week, I got a taste of Spring from Rebekah Rice’s 9Mile farm green house — a bunch of “azedinha” as we call them in Brazil. You may know it as Sorrel. 

As a kid, I would eat azedinha (translates little sour leaves) from my mom’s herb garden. I am excited to try to grown my own this year.
In this recipe, I paired them with beans and roasted beats. It is an amazing flavorful herb/leaf, not just to add to salads, but soups and smoothies. You can cook the bean and the beets in advance and assemble the salad when you are ready.

bean beet2photo by Ellie Markovitch


For the beets

  • 3 beets, sliced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons…

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